2005, 23 min

Erin Blackwell (Tiny)
Seattle, 1991
Erin Blackwell Tyrese E'Mari
William Charles Julian
Daylon Kayteonna
Lashawndrea J"lisa
Keanna Rose Patricia Roppel
Mikka Shadow
Rayshon Lisa
Ranaja Xavia Holly
Lashawndrea & Daylon
Seattle, 1991
A Greene House Studio Presentation

A Film by
Martin Bell

Interviews by
Mary Ellen Mark

Meredith Lue Varlerie Junge
Annie Rana Angelika Saleh
Brigitte Grignet BBD&O
Nancy Baker MacDonalds
Keith Desmond Whittle Communications
Chris Franklin  

Music Composed & Performed by
J Walter Hawkes

Streetwise courtesy of Angelika Films
Tiny at Twenty courtesy of Whittle Communications
Edited by
Nancy Baker - Streetwise
Martin Bell - Erin


Chris Ryan - Nice Shoes 2004
Joe Bond - Post Perfect 1991

Sound Re-Recordist
Tom Paul - The Cottage

Title Design
Diana Haas

Produced by
Martin Bell & Mary Ellen Mark

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All Rights Reserved
Erin Blackwell, street name Tiny, was a central character in the film Streetwise. Mary Ellen Mark first met and photographed Erin for Life magazine in 1983 when Erin was 13-years-old. Following the publication of the Life story "Streets of the Lost" in July 1983, and the making of the film Streetwise, Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell continued to document Erin's life. Erin combines film shot in 1983, 1991 and 2004.

In 1991, Erin was having problems with drug use and lost custody of her three children Daylon, Lashawndrea and Keanna to the State of Washington. The film features Erin visiting her children in state care and a dramatic visit to her mother,Pat.

Erin met William Charles in 1999 and they were married in May 2000. Erin and William have five children together. Today Erin has 10 children, exactly thenumber she wished for in 1983.