2002, 17 min
Run Clip
Transcript of the film Twins.

Run Clip
Jerri Kennedy & Kerri Storz,
I think she looks older.
That’s what everybody says, I deal with more in my life.
I think her face looks older. I can see it in her face.
She just thinks she looks better.
Twinsburg, Ohio, 2002
Run Clip
Don & Dave Wolf
He knocked me down, got on my back grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and hit my nose till it bled and then let some blood build up and rubbed my face in it but then he knew when he got up he better run as fast as he could because I'd get him back.
Twinsburg, Ohio, 2002
A Greene House Studio Presentation

A Film by
Martin Bell & Susan Griak

Director of Photography
Martin Bell

Interviews by
Susan Griak & Donna Murphy

Music Composed by
J Walter Hawkes

Clarinet - Dan Levinson
Bass - Jim Whitney
Percussion - Alex Esteban
'Ukulele - J Walter Hawkes

Recorded at Murmur Music
Engineer - Peter Robbins

DVD & VHS Package Design
Diana Haas

Captions Inc
DVD & VHS Mastering
Disc Makers

Director & Editor
Martin Bell

Produced by
Martin Bell & Mary Ellen Mark

Meredith Lue Chris Franklin
Joanne Roe Valerie Junge
Brigitte Grignet Jack Cohn
Wendy Maybury Chris Ryan
Amber Medley Rob Sayers
Marika Fagan Able Rents
Robert Presciutti Emery Electric
David Schinman RGH
Robert Kassabian The Twins Days Festival
Carol & Emily Hummel John Sloss
Ron Yoshida Kathryn Tucker
Karen Stein Christian Zak
Nancy Baker Dominique Lempereur
Diana Haas Marcela Taboada

There are few things in life that engage the eye or are more mesmerising than identical twins. Every aspect of their appearance is remarkable from the exact duplication of their features right down to the exact position of their freckles.

Each year in August, Twinsburg, Ohio, is host to a festival that attracts almost 2000 twins, triplets and quadruplets. It is an extraordinary gathering that Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell visited in the summer of 2001-2002 . Martin Bell made Twins in the summer of 2002, while Mary Ellen Mark was completing the photography for her book Twins.

Mark’s studio was a tent, pitched on a volleyball court, at the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. When Mark finished photographing a set of twins, they were directed to a small studio behind the backdrop. The twins were interviewed in front of two cameras. The interviews were guided by a set of twenty questions, which Mark and Bell developed to provide a structure for the film.

Twins played at film festivals across the United States. New York Film Festival, October 2003; Sundance Film Festival, January 2004; Aspen Shortsfest Film Festival, April 2004; Jacob Burns Film Center, May 21-23, 2004; Newport Film Festival, Jury Prize for Best Short Film, June 2004; Maui Film Festival, June 2004; Nantucket Film Festival, June 2004; IFP Los Angeles Film Festival, June 2004; Philadelphia Video Festival, June 2004; Boston Film Festival, September 2004; Calgary Film Festival, September 2004; Real Art Ways Theater, September 2004; Ojai Film Festival, October 2004; Woodstock Film Festival, October 2004.
Video: Rivalry between twins. 1:20 min
Video: Differences between twins. :43 sec
Video: Shane and Shawn on an unexpected complexity of dating. :37 sec
Video: Opening sequence of the film Twins. 1:49 min