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James Cagney on the set of Ragtime, London, England 1981, 101Z-099-05A

Kitty Carlisle Hart, Manhattan, New York 1994, 220M-016-004

Jim Carrey, holding a flag, Hollywood, California 2001, 236O-024-017

Jean-Claude Carriere with Luis Buñuel discussing the Tristana script, Toledo, Spain 1969, 102M-003-029

Johnny Cash, Hendersonville, Tennessee 1996, 225D-010-005

Cyd Charisse, Westwood, Los Angeles, California 1998, 228F-023-002

Michael Clark with Richard Zanuck, Planet of the Apes, Los Angeles, California 2000, 104B-034-019

President Bill Clinton, Manhattan, New York 2006, 242D-POL-001

Glenn Close wearing a fur jacket, Manhattan, New York 1997, 226F-034-004
Glenn Close, Manhattan, New York 2001, 235P-POL-005

Roy Cohn, Connecticut 1986, 207S-008-008

Clyde Connell, Lake Bistineau, Louisiana 1982, 200L-019-034

Harry Connick, Jr. at the Steinway & Sons factory, Queens, New York 2001, 235Q-033-003

Francis Ford Coppola on the set of Apocalypse Now, Pagsanjan, Philippines 1976, 100C-068-11A
Francis Ford Coppola sheltering himself from the rain, Apocalypse Now, Pagsanjan, Philippines 1976, 100C-076-06A
Francis Ford Coppola with Diane Lane discuss the next scene on the set of Rumble Fish, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1982, 102B-062-035

Bud Cort, Los Angeles, California 1997, 227A-036-004

Kevin Costner on the set of Wyatt Earp, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1993, 219V-180-003

Cindy Crawford at the MTV offices in Manhattan, New York 1994, 220V-011-006
Cindy Crawford, Liz Tilberis Tribute, Manhattan, New York 1999, 231Q-009-006

Hume Cronyn with Jessica Tandy reading between takes, Honky Tonk Freeway, Sarasota, Florida 1980, 101E-030-19A

Scatman Crothers, The cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest posing for their picture on location at the Oregon State Hospital, Salem, Oregon 1974, 101V-022-025

Billy Crudup, Manhattan, New York 1998, 229H-021-002

Michael Cunningham, Manhattan, New York 1999, 602W-093-016

Kelly Cutrone, Manhattan, New York 2009, 604L-044-011