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Cheryl Ladd, Manhattan, New York 2000, 234P-POL-001

Diane Lane with Matt Dillon between takes, Rumble Fish, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1982, 102B-049-030
Diane Lane with Francis Ford Coppola discuss the next scene on the set of Rumble Fish, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1982, 102B-062-035

Nathan Lane, Manhattan, New York 2001, 236K-POL-204

Jessica Lange with Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie, Hurley, New York 1982, 102K-012-006
Jessica Lange with Dustin Hoffman making face in bed, Tootsie, Manhattan, New York 1982, 102K-022-027

Cloris Leachman with dog, Culver City, California 1999, 230W-127-012

JT Leroy, San Francisco, California 2001, 235V-113-002

Jerry Lee Lewis, Nesbitt, Mississippi 2005, 240S-019-005

Michael Lewis, Manhattan, New York 2006, 242E-018-004

Maya Lin, Manhattan, New York 1994, 220O-012-003

Lisa Marie, West Hollywood, California 2001, 235R-091-004

Courtney Love in her trailor, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Memphis, Tennessee 1996, 103T-029-004

Baz Luhrmann on the set of Australia, Kununurra, Australia 2007, 104W-228-026