I'd like to thank my editor, Melissa Harris. I'm very lucky to have such a creative and intelligent person to work with and above all, such a wonderful friend who was willing to go through more than one thousand pages of interview transcripts.

These pictures could not have been made wihtout my husband, Martin Bell who, as always, inspired me. He also designed the lighting and set for these photographs. His brilliant contributions are a major part of these images.

John Reuter and Ben Fraser from the 20x24 Polaroid Studio are fantastic at operating an extremely complicated and technically demanding camera. They make it seemeasy when it is definitely not. They were tireless, and I thank them.

Joanne Roe, Meredith Lue, and Briget Grignet in my studio were great producers of this project. It took a lot of planning and productino to put this together.

Additionally, all of the assistants listed below worked long hours with wonderful enthusiasm:
Meredith Lue ‑ Joanne Roe ‑ Susan Griak ‑ Robert Presciutti ‑ David Schinman ‑ Andreas Dybeck ‑ Rob Kassabian ‑ Grant Delin ‑ Wendy Maybury ‑ Amber Medley ‑ Marika Fagen ‑ Donna Murphy

Thanks to:
All the twins, especially Jeff and Steve Nagel, Debbie and Lisa Ganz (, The Twins Days Festival Committee ‑ Able Rents ‑ Emery Electric ‑ Hudson Holiday Inn ‑ Outback Restaurant, Macedonia ‑ Bob Evans Restaurant, Boston Heights ‑ Applebees (Linda T.) ‑ Jeff Hirsch and everyone at Fotocare ‑ RGH ‑ Sara Oliphant ‑ Karen Stein ‑ Eric Silk Screen ‑ Richner Ace Hardware ‑ Officer Scott Paluscsak, Boston Heights, Ohio Police Department ‑ Carol and Emily Hummel ‑ Diana Haas and Gringo ‑ Anna Holmes Hurley ‑ Brian Hodge

Let's talk about the book itself. Melissa Harris, Wendy Byrne, Bob Hennessey, Michael Famighetti, Lisa Farmer, Bob Morton, Gerhard Steidl, and Hasse Persson. There are all experts in their field. They believed in this book and I want to thank them for their hard work and support.

I also want to thank Lynne and Harold Honickman, who have been wonderful friends for many years.

And of course I want to thank the twins themselves. Without them there would be no book.