Significant Others
Summer 2005
Photograph by Mary Ellen Mark

Ace and Student

A Wall Street legend's company Samson, a 5‑year‑old Papillon, photographed in Central Park with Alan "Ace" Greenberg of Bear Stearns. Brutus, Greenberg's other Papillon, is 15 and got to sit this one out.

Chairwoman of the board “I usually had big dogs, but my wife likes small dogs. We held a vote, and guess what? She won. She gets more votes than me.”

The competitors Both dogs are obedience contest veterans. Samson has passed two of three levels, and Brutus "has passed everything," Greenberg says. "He's a utility dog and a champ. Most people think dog shows are just about confirmation of beauty. There's obedience too. With judges. They judge you."

Personal trainer "When they were puppies, we'd get up and train every morning in Central Park," Greenberg says. He still takes the dogs there two or three times a week.

Staying power "They're so well behaved it's staggering," he boasts of his charges. "Total, 100 percent pleasure! Any trained dog is 100 percent pleasure. Most are untrained. If you tell Samson to sit or stay, he'll sit or stay for two hours unless you release him."