Significant Others
September 2005
Photograph by Mary Ellen Mark

Danny's Dog

Best customer Louie, a 2‑year‑old Labradoodle, photographed with restaurateur Danny Meyer at Meyer's canine‑friendly Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

Large, to go "Our daughter Hallie wanted a big dog," Meyer says. "Louie is 75 pounds and bigger than our youngest kid." On the way home from work, Meyer calls and says, "Send Louie down on the elevator," and Louie's at the front door waiting for his walk when Meyer arrives.

Labradoodle dandy 'The worst part is having to tell people what he is. Everybody wants to know, because he looks so funny. I tell them he's a mutt. I'm embarrassed to say Labradoodle."

Dining out Louie loves the Shake Shack's poochini, a plastic dog bowl of vanilla frozen custard topped with peanut butter and a biscuit. "Louie does not have bad breath," Meyer boasts. "It's the frozen custard."

Four‑star service The Labradoodle was bred in Australia as a guide dog:  "A great seeing‑eye dog is a dog whose personality is to do things for you. Louie is so eager to please, so patient, so kind ‑ and, with a family of four young kids, Louie becomes this amazing outlet. We work out all our stuff on him and end up being better to each other. And Louie likes it.”