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In Memoriam
Mary Ellen Mark Recalls Dith Pran and THE KILLING FIELDS
July 2008
Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark

When New York Times photographer Dith Pran died of pancreatic cancer on March 30, we posted a short tribute. Shortly afterward, we got a call from photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who remembered a photo she made for Vanity Fair of Dith and journalist Sydney Schanberg (below) in 1984. The occasion was the release of The Killing Fields, the award‑winning film about the pair and their narrow escapes from the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia during the 1970s. "I did the shot out on the docks in New York," said Mark. "I love it because the relationship is right there - Dith looks so protective of Schanberg."

Dith and Schanberg by Mark, 1984