September 1994
By Clare Cannon



New scents for men have three themes this fall: the color blue, high school science class, and good old‑fashioned macho imagery. The first in the blue trio is Wings for Men from Giorgio Beverly Hills (1), a distinctive blend of freshness and warmth. From H20 Plus is Waves (3), whose scent evokes crisp sea air. The darkest blue of the three‑Horizon by Guy Laroche (6)‑is woody, fresh, and spicy. Horizon, which is targeted toward men who appreciate the outdoors, will donate $1 from select gift sets to American Rivers, an organization that protects and restores our nation's rivers and whose national spokesperson is avid fly fisherman Michael Keaton. (Having opted out of Batman Forever, Keaton may actually find time this fall to cast about near his Montana ranch. His next film, Speechless, a romantic comedy costarring Geena Davis, will be released at Christmas.) In the science department, Clinique Chemistry (2), to be launched in November, is fresh, clean, and understated. Halston Catalyst for Men (4), a woody and spicy blend, comes in a bottle that looks like a high‑tech lab beaker. Both merit experimentation. In the macho category, DK Men (5) (whose press materials read like the steamier sections of Nabokov) is bottled in black glass and gunmetal, and the scent includes such manly smells as suede and tobacco. Nicole Miller for Men (7), a warm oriental, has hints of leather and tobacco, too. Housed in a ribbed, amber-colored flasklike bottle, the scent is the obvious next step for Nicole's legions of loyal, tie‑crazed male fans.

Brave new shaves

Everyone's morning shave deserves some new thought now and again‑if only to prevent oneself from going stark, shaving mad. Aveda's two‑step routine of Shave Emollient and After‑Shave Balm leaves the face smooth, moisturized, and lightly scented with peppermint, patchouli, and caraway. For traditionalists, the century‑old Portuguese firm Musgo Real has all the shaving accoutrements one needs, including a terrific grooming kit in a natural‑cork case. A new razor keeps shaving boredom at bay, too. Above, left to right, refillable razors from Aveda, Retail Products Corp., and Musgo Real.

True blue

One of the remaining mysteries of life is that men prefer deodorant while women more frequently use antiperspirant. Still more mysterious, men seem to like gel formulas while women opt for powder solids and roll‑one. Also agreed upon by many men: Blue is best. Two new blue deodorants‑Brut Actif Blue by Fabergé and Calvin Klein Escape for Men‑bring more options, though no answers, to the Great American Deodorant Divide.

Secret man‑i‑cure

Men who want their nails to belie their weekend rugby matches but don't want to be thought of as "the type of guy who gets a manicure" have a new option. Buffed Matte and Matte Top Coat nail polishes from Monteil don't go on glossy but do leave nails looking healthy and groomed. It's the perfect '90s un‑manicure: totally buff.