November 1995


Susanna Moore, author of the new erotic thriller "In the Cut," talks about sex, power, and prose.

"While I was writing In the Cut, I kept asking myself, 'What's sex like? What's it really like?' Because it's very difficult to write well about sex. You're limited. You have these two bodies, and just so many erogenous zones. The fantasy may be unlimited, but as a writer you're always reduced to simile‑it smelled like a rose, it smelled like a fish, it smelled like a banana. Have I succeeded? I don't know. But even close friends tell me they felt grief and longing while reading the book, because it made them feel they had not truly experienced sexual passion. And that made me sad. Franny, my heroine, fights the imposed powerlessness of being female, and I just worship her for that. Franny's kind of strength may have its price. Yet isn't the other price higher?"