DISTAGON CF f/3.5 60 mm
Photography by MARY ELLEN MARK

DISTAGON CF f/3.5 60 mm

SPECIAL FEATURES of this lens are its compact design and relatively low weight. It is a good all round wide-angle lens, but without a marked wide-angle effect. It can also be used as a standard lens, particularly when wide coverage is needed but only limited space is available.


FOR MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS this could be classed as the shortest "standard" lens and the longest "wide-angle" lens. Its wide range of applications makes it almost a universal lens.

The compactness, low weight and great depth-of-field make this a very popular all-purpose lens. Many photographers use it for wedding photography and location portraiture. It allows full length portraits in small rooms or cramped quarters, where the standard 80 mm Planar is too long.