Noble Visions
May 1997


Bob Kerrey, senator (D.-Nebr.) and Medal of Honor recipient: A hero loves, and in love acts upon the belief that someone's life is more important than his or her own. A hero gives, and this adds rather than subtracts from his or her value. A hero serves and does not feel his or her shoulders bend under the weight. A hero answers God's call and ventures across the threshold separating the safety of home from the unknown of the frontier. A hero seeks truths in the wilderness. A hero is not made of stone: A hero fails, doubts, cries and suffers great moments of despair. A hero perseveres; higher duty and purpose triumph over forgetfulness and arrogance. A hero loves and is loved in return.

Mother Teresa, MARY ELLEN MARK

Mother Teresa, seen here on a train near Calcutta, is my hero because she truly loves the poor and has dedicated her life to helping them.