October 1993
Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark

Two crazy kids away for a weekend in Maine, with only the clothes in his suitcase.

"Come away for the weekend," he said. "I've packed enough for both of us." So Tracee Ross and Adam Cahan headed for the wilds of Maine with only the clothes in his suitcase. Two crazy kids...

The players. Mirabella intern Tracee Ross (now back at Brown University) and her real life beau, Adam Cahan. The setting: Maine’s Acadia National Park. Tracee’s happily ensconced in Adam’s wool sweater, $250 by CK Calvin Klein; corduroys, $350, and braces, $190, both by Yukio Kobayashi for Matsuda; and boots, $74, from J Crew catalog. Adam’s in a sweater, $365, by DKNY Men ; jeans, $48 by Armani Jeans and nubuck boots, $118, from J Crew catalog. Vintage suitcase from Gargoyles.

A tense moment. She's nabbed the cashmere blazer ($1320, Paul Smith); he's got the wool one ($440, A.PC.). They're both in cotton shirts ($170, Calvin Klein Collection) and the Levis 501s they arrived in. More info, last pages. Hair and makeup, Maria Verel; manicure, Roxana for Warren-Tricomi Salon.

The shirt off his back was one thing, but the brand-new three-piece suit off his back? That he was saving for an interview Monday? "Without a shirt and tie it's not the same suit at all," said Tracee. Adam wasn't having any. But he liked what she did with his fleece pullover.

On Tracee, looking wonderfully unbuttoned-up, a wool-blend jacket and pants, $895, and vest, $263, all from Calvin Klein Collection. Antique signet ring, 20k gold. Ares Rare Jewelry Inc. Breitling watch, $850. On Adam, a wool V-necked sweater, $385, Dolce & Gabbana Men's.

Tracee discovers that a man's pullover (like this one, in wool-and-viscose fleece, $250 by Calvin Klein Collection) is often long enough to wear as a tunic. Leather belt and boots, J. Crew Catalog. More info, last pages.

One of the great things about a man's jacket, Tracee discovered, is that there's plenty of room inside for a man's denim shirt, a man's cashmere sweater…”I wanted to wear that," said Adam. "Well, if you're going to be that way," said Tracee, and did a Scarlett O'Hara number with his best scarf and a shirt.

On Tracee, ombre-plaid wool jacket, $230, by Armani Jeans; denim shirt, $32, by Gap; cashmere sweater, $695, by Drumohr; knit hat, $10, by J. Crew Catalog. On Adam, denim jacket with suede collar, $58, by Banana Republic.

Cotton-chambray shirt, $32, by Gap. Cashmere piano shawl, by Salvatore Ferragamo. More Info, last pages.

Wool-and-cashmere sports coat, $920, by Polo by Ralph Lauren. Cotton shirt, by Calvin Klein Collection. Leather belt, $135, by Paul Smith.

On Tracee, tipped sheepskin coat, by Marfield Parrish. On Adam, corduroy car coat, $750 by Giorgio Armani Men's. More Info, last pages.

What Tracee learned from her weekend: if you want a great white shirt, borrow a man's. If you want terrific tailoring, go to a men's department-and take advantage of the (sometimes free) alterations. What Adam learned: never let a woman into your suitcase. Unless it's love.