Monster children
Photo annual 2011
Photograph by James Carbone

What camera are you holding?
Mamiya 7

Why'd you choose this one?
It's my favorite street camera. It's like a medium format Leica. I use it with a 50mm lens and flash bracket that I had made especially for me (by Bill Peters in Calgery, Canada.)

What's its name?
I don't give them personal names-just my Mamiya 7. I don't have a dog, but if I did I'd name him Macho.

What was your first camera?
A Leica

What feature would you add to it?
I wish I could focus the just a bit closer, buut I'm happy with it-it's a great camera.

WHo's been shot with this?
Many, many people all over the world- especially in Mexico.

How much can we buy it off you for?
It's not for sale, but my photo store in NY (Fotocare) carries them.

Best thing about this camera?
The lens is fantastic, very sharp. It's light.

What other cameras are you packing in your bag?
I shoot with all kinds of cameras, including the 20x24 camera (which I can't pack in any bag becasue it weighs 900 lbs.)

Who are you going to shoot next?
One of the ways I make my living is shooting on flim sets. I'm about to go shoot on the set of great Korean director Chan-Wook Park's film. I've worked on Baz Luhrman's films in Australia before, which I really enjoy. He and Catherine Martin have an amzing sense of story and a beautiful visual eye. Hopefully I'll be coming to work on their next film, The Great Gatsby. I might even be able to bring the 20x24-so I guess I'll have to figure out a way to pack it in my bag.