New York Times Magazine
My Son, The Hairdresser
A lifetime of never worrying about our roots.
That is, if you can get an appointment.
May 8th 2005
By Mark Jacobs
Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark

Fashion editor: Anne Christensen


Jimmy Paul and Mary Pat Valentino
Mary Pat Valentino teaches cosmetology to 11th graders at a vocational high school on Pittsburgh’s North Side, and though she and her son Jimmy Paul share a trade, she acknowledges that “Jimmy” — whose work has appeared on the cover of Vogue countless times – “is on a whole other level.”  After touching up his mother’s hair, Jimmy Paul handed her the comb and said, “Here, Mom,” knowing she would fix it.  On Jimmy: Brooks Brothers shirt and Supreme sweatshirt.  Makeup: Tina Turnbow at the Wall Group.


Chris and Catherine McMillan
She knew her son Chris was a star way before he started styling Jennifer Aniston’s hair – she knew on the day she returned home from work and found a line of girls waiting for him to do their hair for the prom. When asked if it can take months to get an appointment at his Beverly Hills salon, she nods.  “No, it doesn’t,” Chris says, suddenly at attention.  She replies, “I get rescheduled.”  On Chris: Old Navy T-shirt and Levi’s corduroy pants.  Makeup: Elaine Madelon for


Serge and Jeanine Normant
When Serge Normant was 19, he joined the French Army, as all French boys had to then.  During his interview, he disclosed that he wanted to be a hairdresser.  “They said, ‘Perfect. We need one,” he recalls.  Now Serge works closely with the likes of Julia Roberts (who appears expertly windblown on the cover of his coffee-table book, “Metamorphosis’).  The day before this photograph was taken, Jeanine Normant, who lives in Bordeaux, visited his Madison Avenue salon for the first time, and she was, well, thunderstruck: “It was almost like it was not my son.”  On Serge: Prada V-neck sweater and G-Star Raw jeans.  Makeup: Laura Mercier.


Lydia Diaz and Orlando and Caridad Pita
Caridad Pita like the way her son Orlando takes care of business.  Having sat backstage with him awhile he styled several couture shows in Paris, she can safely say, “He was very well behaved.”  Orlando’s grandmother Lydia Diaz comes to his salon, Orlo, in the meatpacking district in New York, to have him groom her eyebrows with a razor.  They shared a bed when the family first arrived from Cuba, an, Orlando says, “it feels good to be able to do for my family.”  On Orlando: Calvin Klein sweater and Dior Homme jeans.  Makeup: Denise Markey for  Prop styling: Megan Caponetto.