To our latest national identity crisis, there is no simple answer. In a wide-ranging report Senior Editor Jerry Adler examines the issues that divide Americans. In­ an excerpt from his new book, Newt Gingrich offers his own prescriptions. And, in a special feature, Director of Photography James K. Col­ton puts together the work of famous photographers who ponder the issue in their images.
July 10, 1995
Director of Photography James K. Colton
photographed by Mary Ellen Mark

Special Olympics, Portland, Ore.


The Pilgrims had not even landed at Plymouth and already they were debating the nature of their “liberties”, and what each man owed his neighbor: Who are we, they were asking, and what is our purpose? Today, 375 years later, we’re looking for new answers.

The national identity card can’t always be expressed in words. Newsweek invited great photographers to submit pictures that captured our essence. On the pages that follow, you’ll see their visions, and hear their voices, too.