November 13, 1995

Swain as Nabokov’s nymphet

In the 1962 Lolita, filmmaker Stanley Kubrick had to turn Nabokov's obliviously sirenic 12‑year‑old nymphet into a more openly sexual teenager. Now director Adrian Lyne ("Fa­tal Attraction") is shooting a new "Lolita" that won't flinch from the story's perverse erotic center. This time Lo is newcomer Dominique Swain, who's 15 but looks much younger on screen. Lyne had chosen someone else when he saw Swain's home video. "She was perfect," he told NEWSWEEK. "She had just the right amount of girlish charm mixed with womanhood." A sophomore at Malibu High School, Swain wears a retainer and will keep it in the movie to annoy Humbert Humbert (Jeremy Irons). "Irons and Swain have an incredible chemistry," says Lyne. But don't look for any kiddie porn. Swain is off the set during the sex scenes, which are played with Irons by her 21‑year‑old body double.