Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark
January-February, 1971

The credit line "Photographed by Mary Ellen Mark" first appeared in The Pennsylvania Gazette -in the March 1964 issue. In that issue, the editor wrote: "She wants to be a magazine photographer because she is fascinated by people, all kinds of people ... She hopes to travel a great deal during her career." Both goals have been achieved by this talented CW (1962) and Annenberg School (1964) graduate. Her work has appeared in Life and Look, in Photography Annual (the devout Hindu praying beside the Ganges in India, below). And she has traveled the entire world. Some of the pictures taken during these travels appear on these pages.



MARY ELLEN MARK Miss Mark put Alan Arkin back in a tree (this time with his wife and son) for a story, "Yossarian in Connecticut", in the October 2, 1970 issue of Life. Earlier in the year, her pictures had given an extra dimension to a Look article, "What the English Are Doing about Heroin."



This photograph of Glenda Jackson appeared in a recent Look article about "England's greatest young actress" who became famous in the movie Women in Love.


One of the most memorable photographs Mary Ellen Mark has taken for the Gazette-and one which appeared in her portfolio for several months-was this one of James Fry Strong in the July, 1966 issue.