20 years of People covers
Spring 1994

After 1,038 covers, we’re still on a journalistic voyage of discovery. Retrace the trail of trial and error and you’ll see….



Curious things can happen when the stars of motion pictures sit still.


Growing up
(is hard to do)

Brooke Shields She may have been an all-American beauty, but Brooke Shields hardly had a normal childhood. At 12, she played a prostitute in Pretty Baby. At 16, she appeared in the hormone-heavy Endless Love and was claiming that nothing came between her and her Calvins. No matter how sexy her image, Brookie, as she was known, was still Mommy’s little girl. And though Teri was always much in the picture, when we asked her to pose with Brooke in Israel in 1983, she firmly declined. A little boy gladly took her place.



Not only is truth stranger than fiction, sometimes it’s a better read.


These are the watercooler stories –the improbable, indelible acts of evil, madness or folly that stir coffee- break conversations, touching deep nerves and causing shudders of revulsion even as they keep us mesmerized. None of us would want to belong to any club that would have Lorena Bobbitt as a dismemberer, but who could resist the shocking tale of abuse and revenge –or the fact that during his PEOPLE interview, John Wayne Bobbitt was toting around a copy of How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time, which he claimed to have read and learned from. Better late than never.