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Prom Night
Do you remember yours- or are you still trying to forget? For three years photographer Mary Ellen Mark has been chronicling High School’s most memorable rite of passage
June 16, 2008
Joanne Fowler
Mary Ellen Mark

Robert Vasquez & Kristen Occhiogrosso
Fontbonne Hall Academy, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Though the couple broke up 10 months before prom, Robert was the only guy Kristen wanted to invite. "I had an amazing night," she says. "We were up on the floor all the time dancing.

Eliza Wierzbinska & Michael Glorioso
Tottenville H.S., Staten Island, N.Y.
Eliza wore a vintage Christian Dior gown her mother bought for her wedding one day. "She let me wear it because she knew how much I loved fashion," says Eliza. Michael curled Eliza's hair -it took six hours.

Kerry Murdoch & Matthew Costello
Fontbonne Hall Academy, Brooklyn, N.Y.
They broke up a week after prom. "It wasn't working out," says Kerry. For Matthew, the split came as a shock. "After a weekend of fun it was all over," he says.
"I like very classic styles and more vintage ideals of beauty instead of skimpy dresses." - Kerry  Murdoch

Andy Dunlap & Helen Alston
Charlottesville H.S., Charlottesville, Va. "I don't go to her school, so it was slightly awkward," says Andy. "She looked beautiful. She looked like Helen-but with a dress."

Will & Jane Mattimoe
Charlottesville H.S., Charlottesville, Va.
Classmates named the twins Prom King and Queen. "I was proud to win," says Will. "I ran for six other offices before and lost."

Miranda Banks & Candice Martin
Charlottesville H.S., Charlottesville, Va.
"I never liked wearing dresses," says Miranda (left). "So I found this tux to match Candy's yellow dress. Half the people thought I was a guy."

LaTosha Smith & Phillip Azore
Cheltenham H.S., Wyncote, Pa.
LaTosha was seven months pregnant: "We danced a little, but her feet were hurting," says Phillip. Still together, the couple now have two kids.

Robyn Frazier-Bodrick & Keicon Cherry
Charlottesville H.S., Charlottesville, Va.
Keicon's date canceled on him at the last minute, so he invited his friend Robyn, 15. "We danced two slow songs together," she says. "It didn't matter that I'm 5'6" and Keicon is 4'11". A lot of people thought we were already going out and Keicon said, 'Why don't we make those rumors true?' He asked me to be his girlfriend that night."

"I like tall girls. Robyn didn't have an attitude when I danced with other people. She is a very chill girl" -Keicon Cherry