A great photographer’s Vision on Miami
Philip Brooker, Art Director - Tropic

“There was something about his white suit. It had such dignity. I asked him if he’s mind if I took his picture, and he said, “Why? Why do you want to photograph me?” He just couldn’t believe I was interested in him.” (South Beach, late afternoon)

“I kept having to say, I want a real picture of you, not a picture of a model. In the end, what I liked about the picture was that she looked so much like the mannequin. While I was there, someone returned a sweater that cost $750.” (Mercedes Martin at Le Cadeau in Mayfair)

“This woman had been a prostitute only four months and her life was a mess. She was on methadone and had no place to live. A pimp had just given her a black eye. She was starving. I bought her a hamburger and gave her a quarter to call me the next day. She never did.” (Linda, age 27)

I happened on two little children at a birthday party. There is something about this picture that makes it seem like it came from 30 years ago. I feel that way about a lot of the pictures I took here. (Marilyn, 10, Jose Angel, 2)

“Something about this family was so strong, so American. They were proud of their church, as well they should be.” (The Willie family, Church of Christ Risen to Heaven).

Her name is Camille 2,000 and she has always been the star of the show. The most important thing to her is to be an actress. She is upset because no one considers burlesque an art form anymore. She is a survivor, but she isn’t hard at all. She has a real vulnerability that I liked.” (The Pussycat Theater, about 1am)

The boy and his mom came over by boat for lunch. She had sunglasses on, but I asked her to take them off. You could tell she was very proud of her son, who had been a model when he was younger.” (Susan and Lance Rogers at the Jockey Club)

“I caught Lourdes Suarez on the way to a child fashion show, waiting for the elevator. She was completely unconcerned about being photographed in her curlers.” (At the Omni)

“This man was desperately sick with hepatitis. He said he thought he got it from a dirty jail cell. I saw him two days later, up and about, trying to get some welfare aid. He said Camillus House had been wonderful to him. The place was immaculate.” (Lewis Brogdon, 27)

“This woman was given these glasses for her birthday. I told her I wanted to buy a pair, and she said, ‘They’re $65, but they’re very well made.’” (Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach)

Everyone at the Lubavitch Educational Center in Miami Beach told me that the big kid was the smartest boy in class. As soon as I saw him, our eyes met and I knew he was going to be fantastic. I could tell he wanted the picture to be good as much as I did. The other boy is one of his best friends.” (Schneur Zalman Korf, 8, and Schneur Zalman Teitelbaum, 9)