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In a new book of photographs, Mary Ellen Mark looks at what makes twins tick
November 16th 2003
Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark

Mindy and Michele Nelson
11 years old. Michele older by one minute

Mindy: ‘We are sisters and best friends. I have a crush on her boyfriend.' Michele: 'I don't care’

Miguel Angel and Marco Antonio Peralta
27 years old. Marco older by five minutes

Marco: 'When we get married, my wife is always going to be second. If Miguel needs me and my wife needs me, chances are that I will help him first and help my wife second. We want to marry twins and have twin babies.'

Jill Ayers and Jean Burk‑Ujvary
44 years old. Jean older by seven minutes

Jean: 'When I met her husband‑to‑be, he didn't even know us and after only five minutes I went, "That's the one I want for her," because I knew I could live with him. I loved him immediately.'

Don and Dave Wolf
44 years old. Dave older by six minutes

Dave: 'Don and I have been together all our lives, really. We've pretty much always worked at the same places and now we live in a truck. If Don dies before me, it would be very painful. I would miss him. But I know that I'd be reunited with him again in heaven.'

Paula Mathis and Polly Mathis Wasdin
29 years old. Polly older by eight minutes

Polly: 'I don't think I could live without Paula. It would be like half of me dying.'
Paula: 'We couldn't imagine not having each other. We are that close.'

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