Milos Forman and Renate Vackova
January 1984
Picture Editor: Esin Ili Goknar


Milos Forman is a human transformer, and his first transformation was himself. In the early '60s he was an unknown Czech who made grainy, bittersweet comedies. Now he's a famous American who makes polished, bittersweet blockbusters. In the last decade he's transformed tough properties like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Hair, and Ragtime into rousing anthems for would‑be free spirits. And come spring we'll discover what he's done with Peter Shaffer's Amadeus, which features, among other spectacles, the lissome Czech actress peeping out over his Izod below. Her name is Renate Vackova, and she's already one of New York's most exciting young models. Another Forman transformation?