October 1994


I can't believe it. When I saw the article "Beauty & the Beat" [by William Norwich, photographed by Mary Ellen Mark, July], I assumed from the picture of a bewildered‑looking Cindy Crawford that it was going to be about her overexposure. Then after I read it, I was dumbfounded at how she was described as being an icon for the 1990s and how the MTV generation wanted Cindy. I am nineteen years old, I grew up watching MTV, and I am sick of Cindy Crawford. I watch House of Style because it has a young vision of fashion that is presented in an exciting and articulate way, though the one thing that has always bothered me about the show is Cindy. I respect her accomplishments ‑though I think her time has come to retire that mole‑ but she's certainly milked the limelight.

I have been reading VOGUE for as long as I've been watching MTV, and I thought that you could recognize a trend. Cindy Crawford is "out."

Heather G. Koszyk
Santa Barbara, CA

According to "Beauty & the Beat," Cindy Crawford went on a shopping spree at a California Sears with Duran Duran's John Taylor and Simon LeBon. I saw that edition of House of Style, and as a devoted fan of Duran Duran, I can tell you that Nick Rhodes, not John Taylor, was present. But, even with this mistake, your article was still very interesting.

Christy Mariya
Sterling Heights, MI