Photo Workshop in Reykjavik July 26 – August 9, 2011
Mary Ellen Mark, Einar “Effi” Falur Ingolfsson, Ingibjorg “Inga” Johannsdottir

Film Making Workshop in Reykjavik July 26 – August 9, 2011
Shooting and editing a documentary film
Martin Bell

Mary Ellen Mark and her husband, Martin Bell will conduct a Photography & Film Making Workshop in association with Icelandic artists Einar "Effi" Falur Ingolfsson and his wife Ingibjorg "Inga" Johannsdottir. Mary Ellen and Effi will teach the photography workshop together. Martin will teach the filmmaking workshop. Inga will supervise the logistics of both classes including the operation of the darkroom and editing facilities and the guest lecturers at the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts.

Iceland is a country of beauty and contrasts. It has been an inspiration for artists for centuries and is well known for its dramatic landscapes and rich history & culture.  The timing of this 14 day workshop was chosen because it is a time of great activity in Iceland.  There are several music festivals on the weekend of July 28th and a huge gay parade the following Saturday. There are also many themes and events to be photographed in and around Reykjavik.

In advance of the workshop we will supply a long list of possible story ideas for consideration by both photography and film students. Some examples: music festivals, fisherman on a ocean going boat, a summer camp for disabled children, gay parade, swimming pools in Reykjavik, workers in a geothermal plant a fish factory and a magnesium factory, Blue Lagoon volcanic spa, Icelandic horses, and spectacular landscape locations that are among the most beautiful in the world.

General Outline of Workshop:
• The workshop starts on Tuesday July 26th, 2011 with a group dinner in Reykjavik.

• On Wednesday, July 27 all portfolios, photography and film, will be reviewed in a group setting including Mary Ellen, Martin, Effi and Inga.  Each person will spend about 10 minutes presenting their portfolio and talk about what you have decided to shoot during the workshop and how you might use this experience to become a better photographer or filmmaker. At the end of the critique, each student will be assigned a specific time to meet with Mary Ellen and Effi or Martin each morning..

• After reviewing all assignments and talking about your interests you will be given an individual assignment or theme to shoot and edit over the course of the workshop. Einar and Inga live in Reykjavik and have many ideas and contacts in the area to make the most out of your workshop

• Students will start shooting on Thursday, July 28th. Every day, until August 6th students will go out on their own shooting their assignements.  At the end of each day, the photographer's film is processed, either by a local lab that processes C-41, or by a local darkroom that will process Tri-X.  Students can shoot 35mm or 120mm.  The students that shoot digitally will have contact sheets by the C-41 lab.

• Every day at a specific time each student will meet individually with Mary Ellen and Effi or Martin to edit and receive a critique of the previous days shoot. For the photographers there will be a deadline each evening to turn in their film or digital files to have contacts made overnight. Each student is responsible for bringing their own camera and equipment—including a laptop for digital shooters and a video camera and computer with editing software for the filmmakers.

• In the evenings, both the film and photography classes come together as a group for discussions. Mary Ellen, Martin, Effi and Inga will present some of their work. Several Icelandic photographers and filmmakers will also come as guest speakers to show their work.

• On the last day of the workshop there will be a group critique of all students; photographers and filmmakers. Each student will show for the first time their edited work made over the course of the workshop (the rule is that students must not show each other their work during the class.) For the photographers a selection will be made of the three or four best images from each student. These images will be displayed that evening in the National Museum of Iceland along with the film students’ projects which will be shown in the museum's film theater.  The photographs and films will also be compiled in a book that can be purchased after the class.

• We put together a book of the best images from the workshop (3 or 4 from each student.)  Each student has the option of buying a copy of the book (about $40) which is distributed that evening.

• We have our final dinner Monday night, August 4th, and everyone leaves on Tuesday August 9th feeling that they are returning home stimulated by the workshop and exchange of ideas.

Some Logistics:
Reykjavik is the capital and largest city of Iceland and is the only metropolitan area with a population of 200,000.  You can get all basic necessities easily.  English and Danish are widely spoken.
Each student is responsible for their own travel arrangements to Reykjavik. Iceland Air serves Reykjavik, Iceland from Boston, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York JFK, Orlando Sanford and Seattle. We will provide a list of 4-5 hotels that are convenient, ranging from 5-star to less expensive.  Students are responsible for making their own hotel reservations and payments directly. Each student pays for their own meals. Each student pays for their own lab fees.  The C-41 lab is very reasonable.  The tri-X lab is more expensive.  Any students shooting any film should bring Print File sleeves for their negatives.  All students shooting either C-41 or Tri-X need to bring their own film.  Many students choose to shoot with a BW C-41 film.  We recommend either Ilford XP2 or Kodak TCN.

This class is for photographers of all levels. Attendees should bring their portfolio to the class for review. Prints only, no slides. Computer print-outs are fine.

Dates & Location:
The class starts the evening of Tuesday July 26th and ends on the evening of Tuesday August 9, 2011. The workshop takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland

Price & Payment:
The course fee is 3,395. Payments by check, Credit Card or PayPal are accepted. A deposit equal to $500 USD will be required at the time of reservation. Photo Xpedition handles all payments for this class. Review all deposit, payment, and cancellation policies here.

Reservations can be made through PhotoXpeditions.