This film will be included in Mary Ellen Mark’s book Prom, to be published by Getty Publications for the 2012 prom season.
PROM a film by Martin Bell
2010, 33 min
Run Film

Sarah Parrish & Dan Langendoerfer

She got her dress first and I just...We kinda....matched it. We kinda agreed in the beginning that we wanna do white with red accents.

Ithaca, NY, June, 2008
Run Clip
Alyssa Smith & Samantha Toet LaToya Grant & Sam-uel Jabbar Johnson
Anna Nodine & Hunter Johnson Leland Cox & Anne McGrath
Ashley Conrad Lesette Hernandez & Timothy McKinley
Candice Martin & Miranda Banks Lorraine Nicholson & David Alagem
Carley Gunter & Adam Johnson Mallory Ann Wu & Matthew Wasson
Christina Chang Maria Perez & Rigoberto Campa
Eliza Wierzbinska & Michael Glorioso Meghan Connolly & Thomas Burrows
Elizah Tripp & Keith Foster Natalie Williams & James Gallagher
Erin Kelly & Henry Elder Natasha Cruzado & John Rohena
Fulani Ogunjobi & Dereemus Botts Nikkia Simmons & Isiah Merrill
Hannah Smith & Dan Parks Robyn Frazier-Bodrick & Keicon Cherry
Helen Alston & Andy Dunlap Sabrina Ross & Farrad D. Reid
Idayary Zeno & Ruben Jared Seraballs Samantha Monte & Khalil Samad
Isabel Roth & Drew J. Foster Sarah Parrish & Dan Langendoerfer
Isabel Shill & Greg Jacks Siena Rosemarie Leslie & John Lax
Jane Mattimoe & Will Mattimoe Stefanie Saperstein & Matt Graziano
Jasmine Walker & Derrell Moye TJ Gibson & Leonard Maurice Grooms
Jenna Zschaebitz & Shane Kammauff Toccarra Baguma
Katie Barcay, Mary Amato & Zack Goldman Ursula Phillips & Gregg Whitlock, Jr.
Lakia M. Wilcher & Donald R. Lewis, Jr.  

Run Clip
Alyssa Smith & Samantha Toet

Just before I got here it was pretty horrible, like all the people I would have hung out with me, made plans and so uhm. I would have hung out with you.

Charlottesville, VA, April, 2008
Greene House Studio Presents

These interviews were recorded in America during
the 2006-2009 Senior Prom Season

High Schools

Malcolm X. Shabazz High School, Newark, NJ
May 18, 2006
Cheltenham High School, Wyncote, PA
(prom held in Philadelphia, PA)
June 6, 2006
Tottenville High School, Staten Island, NY
June 16, 2006
Saint Michael Academy, New York, NY
May 16, 2007
Fontbonne Hall Academy, Brooklyn, NY
May 25, 2007
Riverview School, Cape Cod, MA
June 16, 2007
Charlottesville High School, Charlottesville, VA
April 26, 2008
MacArthur Senior High School, Houston, TX
May 9, 2008
Westlake High School, Austin, TX
May 10, 2008
Palisades Charter High School, Pacific Palisades, CA
May 16, 2008
Harvard-Westlake School, Los Angeles, CA
May 17, 2008
Ithaca High School, Ithaca, NY
June 21, 2008
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Pediatric Prom, New York, NY
May 17, 2009

Interviews by
Elizabeth O’Brien Melissa Harris
Joanne Fowler Peter Howe
Martin Bell Richard Gladstein
Mary Ellen Mark  

Thanks to

Made Possible by the Generous Support of
Cary Brown Marc Lipson
Howard Stein Michael & Jane Wilson
Jessica Nagle Peter & Jody Robbins
Lisa Lee Phillippe Sommer
Lynne & Harold Honickman Weston Naef

Adriana Rimpel Joseph Girton
Adrianne Techasith Keith Yahrling
Alex Jimenez Kristin Wolak
Alexa Dawn Rose Lauren Bailey
Andrew Rogers Lauren Rose
Angela Louison Leigh Ann Metzler
Brian Pescador Lexi Walther
Interns (Cont)
Caren Carelson Lindsey Filowitz
Caroline Cuse Mary Welsh
Catherine Choi Mathea Millman
Chris Felber Megan Hilliard
Claire Dennis Melinda Sanders
Creston Whittington Meridith Cianti
Debbie Smith Natalie Goldfarb
Ellie Bolton Nicole Miltello
Emillio Santellan Nicolette Del Muro
Emma Levine Phil Jackson
Gillian Fry Rachel Gardam
Greg Gentert Rhea Rivera
Hannah Hughes Rosie Motley
Hayley Austin Samantha Randolph
Hillary Foxweldon Sarah Riley
Jairo Garcia Shane Godfrey
James Orlando Shannon Hickman
Jamie Liles Shauna Mennis
Jennifer Manukas
Sophie Barbasch
Jessica Evett-Miller Tanya Shteinfeld
Joey Bunge Victoria Jacob

Camera & Sound
Ai Kitaya Johnny Fogg
Aidan Keith-Hynes Julian Taboada
Alexandra Gibson Mariah Cseypanyi
Ally Lindsay Mary Amor
Amy Boyle Paola Mojica
James Carbone Praveen Mantena
James Mignona Sunny Suits

Chris Ryan - Nice Shoes
Julia Bezgin

Sound Re-Record Mixer

Tom Paul - The Cottage

Associate Producers
Meredith Lue & Julia Bezgin

Music by
Glenn Patscha

Directed by
Martin Bell

Produced by
Martin Bell & Mary Ellen Mark

© Copyright 2010 Greene House Studio Inc

All Rights Reserved
Prom is an American tradition—a rite of passage and one of the most important rituals of American youth; a day that is never forgotten—a day full of hopes and dreams for the future.

For four years, from 2006-2009, filmmaker Martin Bell and photographer Mary Ellen Mark travelled around the country and documented proms.  They went to twelve high schools in 10 cities, covering a wide range of ethnic and economic groups.

While Mary Ellen Mark made portraits of the Prom-goers with the 20x24 Polaroid camera, Martin Bell interviewed the students in an adjacent studio.  When the project finally came to a close, Bell had interviewed over three hundred students.
Complete Film: PROM, 35 min
Video: Finding the right date.
Video: Critical decisions on what to wear for prom.